boyz-ll-mothmen asked:
When you get this you have to publicly say 5 things you like about yourself and send it to 10 of your favourite followers!

I like my hair

I like my cat

I like my friend Sarah

I like my abnormal consumption of Denny’s ranch

I like being me.

The most delicious



I had a dream last night that I didn’t have eyebrows and it was terrifying. 

I had a dream where my teeth fell out. Oh god.



Sarah said I’d look cute if I chopped my hair off…

look at my reflection. the approval on my face

Sarah’s approval is the only approval I need. Sarah wouldn’t wrong me. Sarah knows better.
This is so aggravating.
Sarah said I’d look cute if I chopped my hair off…


Ugh. My parents like to conveniently forget to tell me things. Like “oh we’re having a party sunday” and “oh by the way there will be drinking so people will probably spend the night.” and “oh a specific guy is probably going to be here tonight and staying.”

Guess who the specific guy is?

What did we learn?

Ayeee lmao
"Did you see my wife Martha in there?"
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